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Ultima Plus Caravan Chemical Toilet Cleaner Fluid Blue Motorhome Boat Eco 4 x 2L


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A Powerful toilet cleaning formula to be put in your waste tank to break down toilet waste and remove nasty odours that have developed in motorhome and caravan toilets.
Liquefies and breaks down toilet waste to ensure all waste can be easily removed from the toilet tank.
Reduces gas build-up to remove odours and to keep your toilet smelling fresh and clean.
Makes the process of emptying the toilet tank more pleasant by removing odours and breaking down the waste so it’s easy to remove.
Use the powerful formula every 4-5 days to keep foul odours away and to ensure waste build-up is thoroughly broken down. 
Breaks Down Toilet Waste To keep your toilet working to the best of its ability, whilst also keeping it fresh and clean, this toilet cleaning formula breaks down and liquefies toilet waste. 
Makes Emptying the Tank Easier Emptying a toilet tank definitely isn’t an enjoyable job. However, this blue toilet cleaning fluid makes the job more manageable and pleasant by breaking down the waste so that it’s removed quickly and effectively.
Reduces Gas Build Up To remove nasty odours, the blue toilet fluid cleaner breaks down and removes gas build up in your waste tank. This removes foul odours and keeps the toilet clean and fresh. 
Use Every 4-5 Days By using the product every 4-5 days, you can be sure that the toilet odours will be removed from the waste tank, as well as the toilet waste being broken down and therefore, easier to dispose of.