This Einhell Hot Air Gun Paint Stripper is a 2000W 240V Including Nozzel Kit and Case

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2 Year Warranty

The Einhell TH-HA 2000/1 Hot Air Gun is suitable for DIY enthusiasts on jobs involving the removal of old lacquer and paint, the fitting of plastic tubes, and much more besides.

There are two power settings, so the temperature and air rate can be set for particular job requirements.

Four nozzles are included for optimum adjustment of the TH-HA 2000/1 hot air gun to the particular task.

 There is also a paint scraper for expert removal of lacquer and paint residues from surfaces.

Built-in overheat protection and the stable base ensure maximum safety, making the hot air gun also suitable for stationary applications.
      Supplied with:
1 x Colour Rasper
1 x Fishtail Nozzle
1 x Reflector Nozzle
1 x Deflector Nozzle
1 x Cone Nozzle
1 x Carry Case
Input Power: 2,000 Watt. 
Air Flow: 300/550 l/min. 
Air Temperature: 350/500°C.