Ram Board® - Heavy Duty Temporary Floor Protection 38" x 100ft

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Ram Board® is a heavy-duty, temporary floor protection engineered for contractors. Designed with cost and efficiency in mind, it lays out fast and is re-usable. Ram Board is non-staining and utilises its exclusive Flex-Fiber® & Spill Guard® technologies allowing for the curing of new floors on job-sites while resisting water, paint, mud and more. It provides the perfect solution when protecting new or existing concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile, epoxy and most other floor types.

• Exclusive Vapor-Cure™ technology
• Flex-Fiber™ technology
• Spill Guard™ technology
• Wall Guard™ feature
• Lays out fast
• Non-staining

Size (metric) 965mm x 30.48m

Size (imp.) 38" x 100 ft

Site Protection / Shield Protective Board & Ram Board / Heavy Duty Floor Protection.