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ProKleen Patio Sealer Drive Way Paths Indian Stone Concrete Slabs Cobbles 5L


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PatioSeal Matt Patio Sealant by Pro-Kleen: Designed to seal and protect surfaces from weathering and staining, this Pro-Kleen patio sealer will ensure your concrete, Indian sandstone, brickwork or internal stone floors remain spotless! This is the perfect product to use to prepare for summer barbecues and parties, as it will protect your outdoor flooring space from stains or marks - keeping your patio looking fresh all summer long! 
With an invisible matt finish: This is the perfect product to prepare and protect surfaces ready for barbecues. It prevents stains caused by fat, oil and grease - allowing you to host as many parties as you wish, without the messy aftermath being highlighted on your patio! 
Suitable for using: On multiple surfaces, this Pro-Kleen patio sealer is extremely versatile. It can be applied to concrete, Indian sandstone, brickwork and internal stone floors, allowing these surfaces to remain stain free! 
This Pro-Kleen bottle will cover: 50m2 and once dried, can last up to 10 years without the need for reapplication! This provides excellent value for money, giving you outstanding results year after year!
Easy to use: Simply clean the area of any dirt, debris or plants and deposit the solution into a sprayer. Shake well, and deposit an even layer over the chosen area to prevent weathering and staining from taking place in the future! 
This product is rainfast after 3-4 hours and will be fully cured after 24 hours: (We recommend that you do not apply the product when it is raining or at a time where rain is forecast to happen within a 24-hour period). 
Please note: This product is not suitable for lime-based materials or tarmac.