ProKleen 10L Genuine Weed Remover Liquid Paths Patios Driveways Garden

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Pro-Kleen 10L NOGrow Weed Remover for Paths, Patios and Driveways: Using our unique formula, a mixture of organic acids and detergents, the solution quickly gets to work once applied and shows clear results on treated weeds within 2 hours.  Effective against annual and perennial garden growths. 
Perfect for use on all hard surfaces around the property including tarmac and Indian sandstone
Once the solution is applied and completely dry, pets and children can be allowed onto the treated surfaces. 
For stubborn weeds, a re-treatment maybe required after 2-3 days.
Can be easily applied using a household trigger spray, pump sprayer or watering can making it handy and easy to apply for all level of users 
We do recommend using the product neat for maximum, rapid results.  The formula can be diluted 2 parts water to 1 part liquid making a total of 15 litres for value for money.  
The 15L solution then covers up to 120 square metres. More environmentally safer than other alternative weed removers