Pair of Heavy Duty 6 Ton Axle Stands Lifting Capacity Car Caravan

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Pair of Heavy Duty 6 Ton axle stands with a 286mm to 600mm height range. An essential tool for professional and budding mechanics alike. Axle stands are a must have when working under a raised load - never rely on only a hydraulic jack to support the load. Only combine capacity of axle stands if the weight of the vehicle can be applied simultaneously and equally between the two stands. 
This unique pair of heavy duty axle stands. The main features of this axle stand over most others on the market is the larger area feet for added stability. This sleek design is ideal for all types of application from mobile service and to repair to general garage repairs and servicing. 

High quality strong, sturdy axle stands pair
Each axle stand is rated up to 6 Ton load capacity 
Ratchet adjustable for quick, easy height adjustment
Perfect for most automotive maintenance and repair jobs
Simple strong and functional design
Safety locking system
Large base for added stability
Long, lasting and durable construction for a long service life
Maximum weight capacity: 6 Ton
Minimum height: 286mm, Maximum height: 600mm

2 x 6 Ton Axle Stands(Without gasket)