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Oil Filled Radiator Electric Space Heater Portable With Timer Eco Thermostat


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Keep Cosy for Less at Home or Work
This stylish yet practical oil-filled radiator is the perfect way to keep cosy at home or work. It’s superbly designed to keep you warm without costing the earth to run, and it’s packed with energy-saving features to help you reduce your energy bills. It’s suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, shed, garage, caravan, at the office, and even in customer-facing environments at work.
Thermostat Functions
This electric heater is thermostat-controlled. You set your desired room temperature and the thermostat will turn the radiator on an off as required to keep your room at precisely that temperature. This means you can run your heater all night long, but it’ll only actually draw power for a fraction of that time!
Timer Functions
Models fitted with a 24-hour timer can program it according to your schedule. Set it to turn on at a low temperature during a frosty night, or program it to switch on just as you leave work so your home is cosy when you arrive at home – the timer gives you complete control over your heating costs.
Fast-Heating and Slow-Cooling
These smart functions are complemented by the heater’s outstanding design. It uses compact fins to increase its surface area along with a unique thermally-conductive oil. This oil heats up quickly and cools down slowly, so you can turn the heater off when you climb into bed and be kept cosy while you fall asleep without spending a penny in energy costs. As the oil is only used for conducting heat, it never needs to be changed or maintained.
Sleek and Compact Design
Despite its incredible heating power, this oil-filled radiator is sleek and compact. This means it looks stylish and modern enough to fit into any décor, but it has a practical use, too. As it’s so small, it can easily be used in very small spaces such as sheds and caravans. Moving the heater into the perfect spot is made easier thanks to the castors fitted to the bottom of the unit.  
Advanced Safety Features
This is one of the safest heaters on the market thanks to its tip-over protection and overheat protection systems. These safety features mean you can use your oil filled radiator even if you have children or pets in the house.
Choose a 2kW or 2.5kW Model
This radiator comes in two varieties; a 2kW model and a 2.5kW model. Choose the one which best suits your requirements. If you’re not sure which one you need, just get in touch!
12-Month Warranty and Year-Round Customer Service
Every heater comes with a 12-month warranty as standard. If you have any questions or concerns about your heater, or if you’d simply like to know more before you buy, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to provide expert advice and support to help you out.
2000w 9 Fin: 39 x 55 x 24 cm
2000w 9 Fin Timer: 39 x 63 x 24 cm
2500w 11 Fin: 46 x 55 x 24cm
2500w 11 Fin Timer: 46 x 63 x 24cm