Impact Driver Bit Set - Case 49pc

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Comprehensive 49 piece impact resistant bit and nut driver set. Includes a range of 25mm and 50mm bits with 3 x nut drivers and 1x impact magnetic bit holder. Designed to handle the most demanding impact driving applications with unbeatable break resistance. Comes in a tough case with easy release bit holders.

• Formulated to absorb the torque peaks of highly powered impact tools
• Newly developed heat treatment process for longevity and performance
• Bit hardness is reduced at the body to withstand high loads
• Black phosphate finish for enhanced corrosion resistance

Driver Bit Size PZ3, TX25, TX30, TX40, TX20, PZ1, PZ2, PH2, PH1, PH3, SQ2
MOQ Increment 1
L (mm) 25, 50, 60, 65
Finish Black Phosphate
Pack Type Blister Pack
Contents Phillips - PH1 x 25mm (Qty 2), PH2 x 25mm (Qty 8), PH3 x 25mm (Qty 2), PH2 x 50mm (Qty 2), PH3 x 50mm (Qty 1)
Pozi - PZ1 x 25mm (Qty 2), PZ2 x 25mm (Qty 9), PZ3 x 25mm (Qty 3), PZ1 x 50mm (Qty 1), PZ2 x 50mm (Qty 3), PZ3 x 50mm (Qty 1)
TX Drive - TX20 x 25mm (Qty 1), TX25 x 25mm (Qty 2), TX30 x 25mm (Qty 3), TX40 x 25mm (Qty 2), TX30 x 50mm (Qty 2)
Square - SQ2 x 25mm (Qty 1)
1⁄4 " x 60mm Magnetic Bit Holder (Qty 1)
8 x 65mm Magnetic Socket Driver (Qty 1)
10 x 65mm Magnetic Socket Driver (Qty 1)
13 x 65mm Magnetic Socket Driver (Qty 1)


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