Helical Flat Roof Fixing - Zinc Min Embedded Depth 35mm-Size Ø 8mm

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Hammer driven fixing frequently used for securing structural 6mm plywood composite insulation board to flat roofing systems. Manufactured from zinc plated high tensile steel, the fixing twists into timber without the need for pre-drilling.

Head Ø (mm) 20
MFT (mm) 55
Size Ø x L (mm) 8.0 x 90
Pack Qty 25
Finish Zinc
Ø (mm) 8
Substrates Timber
Min. Embed. Depth (mm) 35
Corrosion Rating (1-5) 1 - Clean, dry & low humidity environments

Building Hardware & Site Protection / Builders Metalwork / Structural Fixings / Helical Flat Roof Fixing