Extra Heavy Duty Long INDUSTRIAL Black Rubber Latex Gauntlet Gloves

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Extra Heavy Duty Black Industrial Rubber Latex Gloves Household Long Gauntlet
Made of high quality natural rubber, the Gl/6406 gloves are complex design gloves for high risk and heavy duty applications.

Polychloroprene natural rubber latex gloves with textured palm and fingers to increase grip
Cotton flocklined for increased comfort and reduced perspiration
Ergonomically shaped to reduce hand fatigue
Long cuff for better arm protection
Protection against some detergents, alcohols, acids and alkalis.
Polychloroprene for enhanced abrasion resistance.
Regulatory Compliance
Manufactured in accordance with :
European Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC
CE Category: Cat Ill (0120)
Tested to :
EN420 Protective gloves: General requirements
EN388 Protective gloves: Mechanical hazards
EN374-2 Protective gloves: Chemicals and Micro-organisms penetration
EN743-3 Protective gloves: Chemicals and Micro-organisms penetration
Food approval EC1935/2004
Shelf life: 3 years
Sizes Available : Small/7, Medium/8, Large/9, XL/10