Dekton Detail Palm Sanding Pads Triangle Sheets 40 60 80 120 Or Mixed Grit 93mm

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Dekton 93mm x 93mm Triangular Sanding Pads are suitable for use on metals, painted surfaces, wood, and plastic.

Extra course (40 grit) is ideal for heavy paint, varnish removal and rough sanding.

Course (60 grit) is ideal for paint and varnish removal.

Medium (80 grit) is ideal for general sanding.

Fine (120 grit) is ideal for sanding between paint coats.

12 Piece Assorted Sandpaper - Extra course grit (x3), Course grit (x3), Medium grit (x3) & Fine grit (x3).

Size: 93mm x 93mm Triangular.

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