3 x Rapide Concentrated Rust Remover Liquid Dilute With Water

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3Pcs Concentrated Rapide Rust Remover Powder Dilute With Water Makes 2L - 200ml

Removes rust from nuts, bolts, garden tools and other metal objects
Dilute with water - Makes up to 2L

You will get the best performance cans if stored at room temperature prior to use
Shake cans thoroughly, hold the can horizontally while shaking is the manufacturer's advice
Mixing the ingredients is paramount to stop splatter and the clogging of nozzles!
Many more tips and information on the cans

Do not Breath Dust/Fume/Gas/Mist/Vapour/Spray,
Wear Protective Gloves/Protective Clothing/Eye Protection/Face Protection
IF Swallowed: Rinse Mouth
Do Not induce Vomiting IF on Skin (or Hair) Take Off Immediately All Contaminated Clothing
Rinse Skin With Water / Shower