3 Mode Universal Shower Head Function High Turbo Pressure Water Saving

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1. Rainfall: Mode to adjust the water flow like rain drops. Spray a soft touch stronger than ever.
2. Jetting: Jetting mode to clear forest in the middle.
3. Massage: Mode for those who want to relax in a private home spa. And soothe tired from work.
Good-looking, simple outline, elegant lines, the atmosphere, fashion;
Easy to use, group-hole design, strong hydrodynamic massage, relaxed SPA;
Good water-saving, 300% turbocharger technology, 40% water-saving.

Turbocharged Pressure:
Advance Turbocharged technology increases water speed pressure up to 300% beyond typical faucet pressure.
Eliminate the fatigue of a day's work with laser pinhole water or soft and delicate, enjoy your showering experience
Water Saving:Using current-limiting technology our shower head saves up to 40% water usage.
Save more water while showering under normal water pressure, through the pinhole and throttling technology
This Is The Perfect Shower Head If You Want To Replace Your Old Shower Head
Anti Lime scale shower head
Colour: Gold / Silver
Compatible with the following systems:
Electric Showers Pumped Electric Shower Bath & Wall Mixer Showers Power Showers

Package Includes:
1 x Shower Head