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2 Ton Bottle Jack Heavy Duty Hydraulic Lifting Ram Car Van Boat Truck Caravan UK


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1. Long telescopic single ram gives a higher maximum lift than the standard range, while keeping the same compact closed height. Adjustable screw up height adjusment allows you to set a suitable starting height. 

2. It is perfect for virtually all makes and models of cars as well as smaller commercial vehicles too. Popular to carry round as a replacement or substitute for the wind up jacks provided with cars. 

3. This High Quality 2 Ton Bottle Jack complete making it ideal to put in the boot of a car or van etc.. 

4. Compact structure with easy and simple operation. Hydraulic oil tank, Valve release for auto descend. Cast base with threaded components for easy disassembly if required.


Type: 2 Ton Bottle Jack

Material: Heavy Duty Steel

Color: Red


1x 2 Ton Bottle Jack