10Pc Paint Brush Wall Set 2"-1.5"-0.5" Inch Decorating Quality Gloss Emulsion

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10 Piece Paint Brush Set 
This 10 piece synthetic brushes are excellent and have the advantage of being cheaper than natural hair. Man-made of either nylon or polyester filaments treated in various ways, These brushes are particularly good for acrylic paint which can be hard on and also damage natural hair brushes. These brushes are great for large-scale work. Good synthetic brushes are rugged, maintain their shape well, and can be easily cleaned.
Choose our value 10pc paint brush set for all your D.I.Y decorating needs.

Brush Sizes:
2 x 1/2"
2 x 1"
2 x 1 1/2"
2 x 2"
2 x 2 1/2"